purple haze


jimi was into it. so are monarchs, aristocrats,
and our fav madcap chicago chocolatier, Vosges.

purple also happens to be
our client’s favorite color.

doctor, business-owner, mom,
and decision-maker– she is no shrinking violet.

this west loop pied-à-terre had to fit the profile:
a spunky black-and-white escape with hard
candy hits of amethyst throughout.

yeah, PROjECT does color.

even 1,800 square feet can’t confine space
hell bent on having a good time.
the custom wall mural in the dining area
holds a few subliminal personal references,
but to the naked eye it’s all street grit and ka-pow.

the game zone has the electric glow of a purple
fluorescent light installation,
making Friday night pizza taste better.

a space for the kids to bunk, an ethereal master
and jennifer’s rad geometric marble
flooring in the bathroom…

let’s call this one a royal flush.