rhythm + bass


got brass in pocket…

when a pair of cool cat new york transplants
and their hip little hit chicago,
only a super fresh replay would do.
gotta slow that pace down
to a slow simmer, friends

first, we gave this tony lincoln park townhouse
some amplitude, and turned up the volume
in contrast with moody noir moments
(a black-on-black powder room,
a dramatically dark kitchen w/ brass accents).
got bottle, i’m gonna use it…

after intermission, we came right back in,
juxtaposing her rock steady spirit with a
light and bright living room where a
bulletproof custom couch takes center stage.
(tumble on, little man.)
but let’s keep her easy on the eyes, too,
so those sick treetop views of oz park
and our pulsating city can take some applause.
intention, I feel inventive…

more storytelling unfolds in the primary bedroom,
just a little quieter now—punchy brass fixtures
and vessels, a custom headboard, venetian plaster
because, well, who doesn’t love a soft heathery hug.
gonna make you, make you, make you notice…

over in the guest room (sleep it off),
chill boho vibes recall trips to tulum
and the hubs’ argentine heritage.

the encore: an office with a color
crescendo of citrine and cerulean blue.
good night chicago!