shorties :)

shorties :)

another ballerina decal,
another baseball-themed bedspread—
must the kids’ rooms always play
host to clichés in pink and blue?

childhood is about unlimited imagination,
and we can’t think of a faster way to
stifle it than with four walls decked in
cutesy, played-out conventions.

our future world leaders, olympians
and tech moguls deserve creative digs,
so we dream big, stirring wonder
for the fellas with spellbinding
forest murals and deep-sea ocean
scenes that have Cousteau cred;

stoking the sassy over sweet vibrancy
of the ladies in check-me-out colors—
sparkly furniture and a gusty
why-not entreat that practically begs
for a dreamy tie-dyed ceiling.

PROjECT sat down with our design
partners-in-crime and took notes. these
shorties-in-training know what they want.

good taste is essential. start young.