we like a full dance card,
and our social side is literal—

the design industry keeps a
hot-and-heavy calendar, and at
any moment PROjECT is stalking
amazing new lines at ICFF in
New York, attending product
launches in our favorite
showrooms, or spending a magical
night of charity and style at DIFFA.
the iPhone is our tv crew,
watch us go!

and not all social media is for kids.

as visual communicators, we
embrace Pinterest for its immediate
rip-tear-share gratification.
every PROjECT designer creates
her own boards, pinning and posting
for client projects and pulling from
their inspirations and must-haves.

it’s like a design diary of our process,
our moods,
our obsessions.

on Insta we play travel photographer,
capturing shots of amazing cities
we jet off to, cool shops and eateries
we find, and maybe a chic cocktail
along the way.

this doesn’t mean we’re turning
our backs on mom and dad,
Facebook and Twitter…

we’re still cataloging the journey—
in 140 characters or less.