Amber O’leary

here’s to curiosity.
a trait you can’t teach and
a quality you always appreciate.

amber is that girl – 
standing in wonder,
asking all the right questions
and soaking in the answers
like perfume hitting skin. 

she absorbs every design detail,
intuitively sensing where things
are going next. our in-house
synergist hasn’t met a project
she can’t run, and if there’s a
way to infuse global influence
into a space, she will seize. 

always cued up,
her bags are packed + ready
for jet setting and 
insta-worthy wanderlust
at a moment’s notice;
although she’ll never leave
her fur baby, bali, for too long.

sweat equity:
boxing, barre, yoga —  there isn’t
a burn that isn’t worth it, especially
when it comes to hot sauce.