They say it starts at a young age.
Cape Town native
Adele had a transformative experience
at a Le Corbusier exhibit as a pre-teen.
She would accompany her architect father on job sites
and was mesmerized watching her mother’s performances
as a professional ballerina.
(The set designs also made an enduring impression.)

She submerged herself in the poetry
and rigor of design,
innately aware of its emotional resonance,
and grabbed a psychology degree along the way
(so her left brain wouldn’t get lonely.)
Hers is a modern eclecticism—
personal, cultivated, tactile—
no matchy-matchy schemes or contemporary aerobics.

For Adele, syncing into that meditative-creative
design flow is total bliss.

Double Dare:
Hit the African landscape and off-road it on a motorcycle.