if you’re not part of the solution,
you need to get with us.

PROjECT has a serious rep for charity.
when we’re not designing up something
fierce, we go full-on warm fuzzies and
dedicate ourselves to causes that matter.

the tribe has been known to lug eight
suitcases of school supplies to the base of
Mount Kilimanjaro to the kids at
Amani Children’s Home in Moshi.

mentoring is where it all started for our
fearless leader, aimee and everything
changed the second she met malik, our
ambassador of cool younger brother
and bona fide inspiration; they met nearly
ten years ago through TutoringChicago
and made the trek to tanzania together as
he went off to Howard University as a
gates millenium scholar. #proudmoment

“something magical happens when you
contribute- it creates purpose, presence
and an overwhelming sense of connection
and gratification that sticks to your soul.
it’s the good gooey stuff. and it’s addictive.”

aimee’s words are taped, embedded and
tattoo-ed onto our consciousness at
PROjECT and the feeling is contagious:
our clients and industry partners have
supported, donated, volunteered and made
some fly posters for the fan club.

unsurprisingly, it was a fabu client who
introduced us to the work of BuildOn,
an organization that builds schools in rural
communities around the world, alongside
inner-city youth from the US. and what
better way to honor our 1oth birthday?

unite with a village and build a school.

the remote jungle village of san juan yaro,
Nicaragua and the kids that stole our hearts
and fed our souls, now have a place to read,
write, connect + dream. we trashed our
mani’s getting dirty; tying rebar, leveling earth,
hauling, laughing, crying, loving, sweating
bullets and creating bonds beyond words.

and it was glorious.

in our version of humanitarianism,
the love of design hooks up with
desire to make a difference, and packs
waterproof mascara for the ride.