BEAM dental

BEAM pediatric dentistry

when a client rolls in through your DMs…
and turns out to be a Harvard grad, doctor,
mom, Chattanooga homegirl and
all around amazing human—wowza.

her vision? 
a kid-friendly dental practice in her hometown
that doubles as a glam spot for a glow up.
because at BEAM, it’s all about the smiles…
so we played to that uptempo beat with
soothing hues—bone whites and
desert neutrals—before bringing
the mad happy with surprising pops of
earthy rose (on the ceiling, uh huh),
glimmering gold and untethered splashes
of sea foam green.

for Dr. Shah, only layers of lovely would do.
the chic comes in waves in the waiting lounge
where white oak library shelves,
long-and-lean ottomans and tic-tac-toe
define a chill zone for mom and dad.
at the front desk, a curvy gal in marble and plaster,
say hi to Beamer the Beta fish
(and check out the logo: a shooting star
that spells out “Beam” in Morse code).
over in the kids hangout nook, floor pillows
and palm fronds, arts-and-crafts bins,
and a set of swings dangling just so
keep the tots entertained. (HOORAY for fun!)

down the hall (more sexy curves here),
the checkup rooms are anything but basic—
moss scribbles, 3D wall art, the works.
at the back, peep the bathroom,
where penny tiles spell out a secret message.
before you go, pick out a custom toothbrush
from the rainbow wall and find your prize
inside a series of antique mailboxes with a custom paint job.

that’s right, we made experiential dentistry a thing.
can you dig it?