femme fatale


if the place could talk, it would sound
a cross between a moan and a purr.
sleek, sexy, slinky—the lady of the house
has no shame in her game.

so this project, with our pals from dSPACE,
had to come correct. that means each piece
had to gesture to the next.

we zipped it up in all the right textures:
black, snakeskin-like plaster in the master,
alpaca fur on the floor, and custom steel frames
for the bathroom mirrors.
even the wine room gets in on the act
with a drippy marbleized wallcovering
in neutral and rust tones.

blessed is the woman who needs a
26-foot long custom sofa. a
bout that:
we flipped the formal living and dining rooms
because tradition doesn’t live here
and offset the asymmetrical chandelier because
the home had to be a reflection of the woman herself,
elegant and in control with no sloppy extras.