jameson sotheby’s


the whole look good/feel good
thing applies to work.
you’ve seen our very own
casa de PROjECT (camper and all),
so we like to practice what we preach.

when real estate player
jameson sotheby’s came knocking,
they asked for a gold coast location
that could hold its own against
any boutique hotel in the area.

we dressed the waiting area
with a tufted velvet banquet
in an inky hue, and a few luxe
lobby extras –  a modern travertine
desk, and crystal pendant lights.
since everything about the place
had to emote luxury and desire,
the conference room was sleeked
out in wooden accents,
and a brass bar cart because
no one wants to sign paperwork
on formica under fluorescent lights.

turns out, their clients weren’t
the only ones who noticed:
this space made it into crain’s
“chicago’s coolest offices”.