she’s our sun, moon and stars;
the gravity that keeps the PROjECT.
collective orbiting all the beautiful things
—and a real smooth operator [IYKYK]

nearing her ‘quinceañera’ at PROjECT.,
Lourdes Cintron has been stuntin’—
all steady like with catlike finesse—as the
heartbeat of this bodacious operation for some time.

an MVP in stilettos, she chooses to stray away
from the hands-on interior design scene
in favor of orchestration,
but she is no listless observer.

her superpowers include knowing what we need
before we need it like the empath she is,
reading between the lines, being the team nurturer
[buying too much food], and getting amped about spreadsheets.

diggin’ the exuberant moves of kelly wearstler,
rick owens + yeezy, this girl goes headfirst
into her own fierce style narrative just the same
—and always weighs in at the right moment.

monochrome, textured interiors,
and flashes of glam—
the enchanting, ‘we’ll-do-this-my-way’
kind that follows her like royalty
[and not the other way around].

slaying paperwork dragons like a lionheart,
she presides over countless details to keep us
in check, slicing through the chaos.
lourdes is the unrivaled, too-cool
heroine of our wild daily trip—
and we gladly give in to her gravitational pull.

creative recharge:
livin’ that island girl/reggeaton life,
coming through with crazy cool hairstyles,
being spicy + droppin’ it like it’s hot.