over a decade on, and lourdes is still
the intrepid and loyal heartbeat
of this bodacious operation.

an MVP in stilettos, she may
shy away from the hands-on
interior design scene,
but she is no listless observer:

digging the exuberant moves of
kelly wearstler, rick owens + yeezy,
she goes head-first into her
own fierce style narrative:

monochrome, textured interiors,
and flashes of glam—
the enchanting, we’ll-do-this-my-way
kind that follows her like royalty
and not the other way around.

slaying paperwork dragons,
presiding over countless details
and slicing through the chaos,
lourdes is the unrivaled, too-cool
heroine of our wild daily trip.

creative recharge:
shop therapy + nail salon. repeat.

keep it simple.