matchmaker to gutsy and glamorous,
a chic co-consipirator with smoldering
curiosity and an earth driven heartbeat,
she’s a Chicago girl that prefers not to
waste time on the dress rehearsal.

PROjECT founder Aimee Wertepny
established the studio
over 15 years ago— all indie rock,
now-or-never sweat and stamina after
realizing a corporate gig wasn’t for her.

on her watch, PROjECT is an
a curated, layered, collected trip.
luxury cut with a little grit,
surfaces that purr— her seductive
rip-shred aesthetic atones
for the laconic sins of beige
and invites an intriguing totem.

something authentic, high drama,

travel and charity fill her spirit, but as
the all for one ethos of the studio,
she’s the irrepressible 90s girl who takes the
side entrance instead of waiting in line.