book of REVEL [ations]


that’s the feeling that washes over you when
you’re standing on kedzie blvd staring at this beaut.

we gave her the nickname of “mullet house”
because she’s all business from the street
with her neo-georgian architecture
and limestone facade, but a big ol’ roof-raising,
indoor/outdoor party pad out back.

our marching orders from clients Britt Whitfield,
the ceo of revel global events,
and her wife Jacqui Scott? give the massive manse
in Logan Square a modern makeover—
and turn it into an entertainer’s playground.
we got this…

inside, the tribe took her down to the studs
to make her open and sturdy for kids, dogs,
transient guests and professional-grade soirees
across all 8,000 square feet. and she purdy—
and contemporary art for days.
but back to that booty, where we added
a metal and glass sunroom addition
for chill hangouts and epic gatherings.

that’s right. it’s an in-your-face juxtaposition.
and it works. (mic drop.)