magic kingdom


when the universe presents you
with a big girl home in West Town,
and your inner Leo latches onto
the unobstructed sunrise and sunset views,
maybe—just maybe—it was meant to be.

but make it your own.

a tucked away, murdered-out kitchen
by Bomtempo for Armazen. uh huh.
a work space with a woven leather banquette
that sexily transitions for dinner parties
and drum circles—but of course.
a flying saucer-shaped, suspended
fireplace—that, too.

and because it called out to you on the
streets of Brazil, a Pedro Franco sofa
made up of hundreds of strands of nylon
rope for a little drama. then,
turn an old closet into a “monkey bar”
for serving up mixed drinks and
never-ending conversations.

here, dirt, rocks and rebar from time spent
building schools in Tanzania become art.
here, energy crystals and sentimental gifts
fill in the gaps.

and up, up, up in the master,
beyond a wall of breeze blocks that
let the light in, a bed in the center of the room
is draped in gauzy linen to remind her of
camping under the stars with the Massai.

settle in, girl. it’s time to let yourself grow.