mexicana mama


some properties just hit different—
more like a feeling than a visual exploration.
yeah, we gave this Cabo casa a soul

that vibrates with inner light and love—
because she deserved it.
because she wanted it.

part of a luxe development,
the home didn’t start off so metaphysical…
a major reimagining was in order,
but one that would respect the region’s
mountains and coastal plains with
an eco-conscious footprint, while
supporting its indigenous communities
by supporting its artisans.

(empowered creatives empower creatives after all)

this crew was on the same page from the start:
a Mexican home should be filled with
Mexican things. period. materials shipped
from China to San Diego to Cabo?! no way.
so we hunted high and low, and rabbit-holed
super deep for local sourcing.
that pair of chairs in the living room with manes?
an artist from the Yucatan handcrafted those
beautiful babies with agave fibers.
that desert mural and handwoven macrame
in the bunk room? both by local artists
we were destined to meet.
sure, the spec book was big—
more like a bible—but that’s how
we hustle on a passion project.

this vacation home’s subconscious
was craving interaction,
texture and movement, too.
so we layered in interactive moments
in the primary bedroom
(thatched branches in place of a bare ceiling),
in the kitchen (rounded corners and relief plaster),
and outside on the patio
(a swing circle for a close-knit family of five).

now, any semblance of her glossy
past life is as faded as an old photograph.
now, all architectural intent has been
flipped on its head. 

now, only an organic, natural vibe remains.