experiential, inspiring, industrial, raw, communal,
creative, ethereal, playful, spacious, magical…
no one word can lay claim
to our very own west town digs.

a factory in a former life, she’s come out of her cocoon
into a creative dimension where desigNERDS
make pilgrimages through her mirrored portal
and soulmates dance across her gilded cement floors.
here, werk transpires in leather-woven huts
and inside a tricked out camper named “stefie.”

here, big ideas are written on the walls.

our studio is a siren call heralded by a tribe
of six t
ranscendent designers who get off on
storytelling and
peekaboo moments. business in the front
(a noir exterior you could slink right by)
and party in the back (steel, grit and swagger,
dream catchers galore and a bow-truss crown),

welcome to our 6,200-square-foot, down-for-anything
sanctuary—smudged, saged, roughed up, and beckoned
with natural light. we’re not office people.
this studio is our rebel yell. it’s the beating heart
where we let our fringe, fur, leather, shredded, ripped,
raw, sleek, aesthetic roam. our vibe, our way.