serenity now


serene, cool, collected, effortless…

sometimes it helps to say the words out loud,
releasing them into the universe as intentions.
from walk-through one, it was evident that

this new construction, single-family abode in Hinsdale
wanted to break free from convention + flip the script
on any and all preconceived notions of ‘style.’
so we sauntered in ever so nimbly
and set our sights on the three Cs—
contrast, continuity + calm.

for this modern farmhouse, less would be more—
read: less flights of fancy, more impact.
here, every design decision would matter.
CONTRAST kicks off in the foyer where
sturdy leather-clad doors with massive oak pulls
are juxtaposed with drippy glass chain sconces.
now tiptoe inward and look a little closer for
warm gray cabinetry with blackened steel hardware
that pops against soft white walls.

turn the corner and CONTINUITY comes into play
via vertical wood slatting that draws the eye up
in both the study + primary bedroom.
et voilà—a sense of balance + CALM
that’s amplified by gauzy white sheers
that soften the streams of natural light,
giving the whole home an ethereal glow.

wait… one more c for good measure:
CURATION—a mix of accessories that reflect
the owners’ worldly viewpoint + attitude.
it’s a vibe—a sense of peace that’s palpable
thanks to a study in dissimilitude
that’s ahead of the curve.