cloud nine

cloud nine

when you live in an architectural icon, 
only an inner sanctum that follows suit will do.
for this posh, sky-high pad at Aqua,

an 82-story mixed-use residential skyscraper 
designed by Studio Gang Architects in Lakeshore East,
the client wanted an epic master suite
[but make it a balance of polish and Zen].

first things first…
we stole space to expand the primary bedroom’s
total footprint, making room for a walkthrough
hallway of closets and a supersized spa bath.
then, in a sly wink to Aqua’s exterior—
those soft lines and contouring balconies—
we came in with a groovy design plan
full of ebb and flow.

check it: we set the tone in that transitional hallway
with wooden slats to let the natural light in
[no dark corners], and added some smoke-billowing
wallpaper on the ceiling for a mood.
in the bedroom, we flipped the script,
putting the bed in the center of the room—
and layered in floor-to-ceiling built-ins,
a custom headboard hug, and a sunken couch
on the flipside for sunset meditations.

over in the bath, a marble-topped vanity
running the length of the windows gets the job done—
and lets that golden light bounce off 
the tobacco-hued glass shower box.

settle in, son. and soak up those views.