painted lady


there’s one on every block, and it’s usually ours.
the house that neighbors stare at and wonder about.

that’s our baby, ready to disrupt the polite,
prosaic ways of tradition and challenge the obvious.

in light strokes and neutral sweeps, we adapted
this gracious dwelling for sophisticated clients
with a great art collection and a soft spot
for travel and sentiment.

a monochromatic layer cake spiked with surprise,
the interiors feature a clever bag of tricks:
hand-painted metallic loops surge across
the living room walls and ceiling; chunky woven
chairs frolic in the kitchen while lucite hangers
host a collection of saris, gifts from her mother.

a study in lush transformations-
gold leaf, leather fringe, crystal and grasscloth-
we grayed out the walls, arches and millwork,
selected clean furnishings, left certain features
intact, like that sultry stone mantle. 

let’s give them something to talk about.