refined revelry

refined revelry

to the city! where bedtime
gets later, the rules are forgotten
and an elevator ride high up in
the Palmolive building makes that
familiar suburban block fade
into the sun-soaked distance.

most well traveled families
cross off a few famous destinations
on the continent—
this crew has experienced
nearly every wonder of the world.

we fashioned the kind of modern,
luxe and airy pied-et-tier
that preserves the vestiges
of their global ride yet
dressed for a cocktail party.

guests perch among lucite bar stools,
leather and fur, shredded wall
coverings and structured silhouettes;
PROjECT’s usual material suspects
RSVP’d with a supporting cast of quartz,
silver shag and tribal wooden beads.

there’s white lacquer bunk beds
for the kids when they crash—
all that glamour
makes for a good night’s sleep.