sub [urban]


the suburbs didn’t ask for all that shade.
consider this a high-design clapback.
this barrington babe just needed some
take-charge style.
floor plans,
lighting, electrical—who dis?
we love a challenge, and
ground up is how we do.

transition to seducing the volume with a come-in-closer
kind of luxury. the palette is fresh—light, understated
and happy to make way for flashes of metal,
glossy surfaces and unfussy architectural passages.

the kitchen dismisses any formality with warm
wood beams, tulip chairs and a cow hide that signals
an easy shift from
the dining room’s glammed-out
geometric ceiling. sliding sideways into the
indoor/outdoor lounge, nothing feels further from
the midwest than a chilled-out space
where a deep,
low-profile sofa, a few upholstered compatriots
an organic table vibe off all that sprawling green.

let the city folk stew—this home has space for days,
a sultry poolside sanctum and lots of free parking.

making split personality design a thing, she purdy
in her limestone splendor on the outside—et voilà—
full of mod funk on the inside.