historically petite

historically petite

and though she be but little, she is fierce…

see that gorgeous Tudor Revival to the left
that we put our PROjECT. spin on?
well, we bottled that Euro vibe—
all that groovy asymmetry and stone—
for the design + build of a 1,000-square-foot
coach house on the property, too,
taking extra care to meld a traditional sensibility
with modern moments for visiting family
and extended stay guests looking to settle in.

we had a secret weapon in owner Mimi Collins,
the curateuse of all things vintage for Anecdote,
La Grange’s chicly appointed emporium for
design-forward furniture, art, home accessories,
antiques and more—and didn’t hesitate
when it came to tapping that treasure trove.
a rug from India, a creepy little salad-fingers
bronze sculpture, a collection of earthen clay pots
on open shelves, a Baker chest of drawers…
all found their rightful homes.

as for the cabinets and countertops,
we kept ’em dark, drawing inspiration from the
architecture of the black window mullions—
and to keep things looking more collected than utilitarian.
small but mighty, indeed.

check in and stay awhile.
you know you want to.