[in] formation

[in] formation

it takes a certain type to tackle a total fixer-upper— 
and patience over pique. our client, Kyley,
a fellow #desigNERD, was all in for the reno

of her shotgun-style row home in lincoln park.
PROjECT. set its sights on maximizing space
and minimizing clutter [like we do],
starting with not one but two king-size kitchen islands.

afterall, it’s not a party if you don’t have
a hub to accommodate all of your homies.

closeby, we came in with a passageway
with mad curves and a secret powder room
that flaunts some sick painted moulding.
as for that pinched footprint… no problem.
we like a challenge—and spatial solutions are our thang.
bye-bye formal dining room;
helllloo beautious dining banquette
butted up to the kitchen and accentuated with
soaring smoked glass-and-steel shelving
to keep things defined.

check it: we set the tone in that transitional hallway
with wooden slats to let the natural light in
[no dark corners], and added some smoke-billowing
wallpaper on the ceiling for a mood.
in the bedroom, we flipped the script,
putting the bed in the center of the room—
and layered in floor-to-ceiling built-ins,
a custom headboard hug, and a sunken couch
on the flipside for sunset meditations.

because with full-on renovations you gotta to be ready
for surprises and problem solving…
floor-to-ceiling architectural black paneling
in the two-story foyer draws the eye skyward,
creating a greater sense of volume and breadth.

up, up, upstairs the master suite was
a total game of tetris. we tweaked the
entry sequence and moved everything around
to make a space with mad function and flow
out to the private roof deck, and added on
a sick master bath that’s cloaked in plaster,
spanish porcelain slab and marble.

sublevel things got glamorous thanks to a bar,
some metallic wallcovering, black brick
and a comfy sofa for getting deep into your netflix que
[or taking a disco nap].